Victoria Harvey

My Realtor in Boulder referred me to Anne. And so, we had a good start. Even with that, I expected less than I received from Anne; probably because of her experience and willingness to do her job so well. She helped me realize what comes next in a process that is not always easy. For instance, at our first meeting, she brought me into the office, showed me a map, talked about neighborhoods, gave me information on the process in Texas, and laid out a plan for me. I have personally owned 5 homes, but this is the first time I’ve had this great information and guidance. I don’t always make quick easy decisions, yet she was patient and professional. While under contract, Anne was present for the inspection with me, she sent me to your people who were really great with flooring of all types, and she had experts in roofing, and windows come out to give me estimates. She really is amazing and really helpful. I asked her when we met, “are you sure you want to take me on when I am not your” big dollar deal”? She gave me every bit as good service as you would give to multi-million dollar buyers.